Dr. Danling Zhang

Welcome to Danling Acupuncture

Dr. Danling Zhang is a licensed acupuncturist in the bay area and also a professor at Five Branches University-California Graduate school of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In 2010 she received a DAOM - Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Five Branches University. Prior to moving to the States she had 8 years extensive training in Liaoning University of Tradition Chinese Medicine and was a Physician in Dandong Women and Children's hospital for 2 years. During her Master's Program she did research on Hyper - Thyroid.

Danling can help you on the following conditions:

  • Woman's health: fertility, pregnancy, menstrual disorders, menopausal symptoms, etc.
  • General health issues: asthma, allergy, diarrhea, constipation, IBS,insomnia, anxiety, depression, thyroid problems, detoxification, environmental illness, etc.
  • Pain relief: back pain, neck and shoulder pain, headache, knee and ankle injuries, etc.

Danling focuses on lifestyle and long-term solutions rather than only on relieving the symptoms. She believes that TCM plays an important role in the maintenance of health and wellbeing, as well as successfully and non-invasively treating disease patterns that Western Medical modalities have difficulty treating.

Working with women and children for many years, Danling has seen many good results. Being a mother of 2 children herself she understands many of the issues women go through.

Helping all her patients improve their well-being is the fundamental goal in her work - be it pain management, internal issues like insomnia or digestive problems, thyroid, etc.

Another goal she has working with each patient is to provide a pleasant experience during the acupuncture session.

Through taking ones pulses, listening carefuly to the patients needs and the details of their situation, and through discussion with the patient she creates a plan for the treatment.